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We use it when we are referring to:

what day it is

what time it is


what the weather is like



What day is it?

It’s Monday.

It’s Tuesday.

It’s Wednesday.

It’s Thursday.

It’s Friday.

It’s Saturday.

It’s Sunday.


  • It’s the 4th of July.

  • It’s 20th May.

  • It’s my birthday.

  • It was my mum’s birthday yesterday.

  • It’s Christmas.

  • It’s Eid.

  • It’s the weekend.

  • What day is Josh’s party? It’s next week Friday.



What time is it?


  • It’s 7 o’ clock.

  • It’s half past 9.

  • It’s 2:30 pm.

  • It’s 8 am.

  • It’s quarter to 9.

  • It’s twenty past 6.



  • It’s early.

  • It’s late.

  • It’s time to go home.

  • What time does the movie start? It starts at 7.

  • What time is the reservation booked for? It’s booked for half past 6.

  • When is the bus coming? It’s coming in 5 minutes.

  • How long does it take to walk home? It takes twenty minutes.




  • It’s 5 miles from my house to my grandma’s house.

  • It’s a long way from my house to the train station.

  • We can walk home from school. It isn’t far.

  • We take the train to London. It’s very far.

  • How far is it from England to Australia?

  • How far is it from school to the park?



  • It’s cloudy.

  • It’s windy.

  • It’s sunny.

  • It’s foggy.

  • It’s dark.

  • It’s rainy.

  • It’s raining.

  • It isn’t raining.

  • It’s snowing.

  • Is it snowing?

  • Is it going to snow tomorrow?

  • Is it cold outside?

  • It rains a lot in March.

  • It didn’t rain yesterday.

  • I don’t think it will rain tomorrow.

  • Does it snow very often?

  • Does it rain in Africa?

  • It’s a nice day today.

  • The weather is rainy today. it’s miserable.



Compare it and there


It There
It was very rainy.There was a lot of rain yesterday.
It snows a lot in January.There is a lot of snow in January.
It doesn’t rain that much in Summer.There isn’t that much rain in Summer.
It was foggy on the motorway.There was some fog on the motorway in the morning.
Does it snow a lot?Was there are snow last year?



It’s _____________ to…

Sometimes we use phrases beginning in the form of It’s _____to where ________ is an adjective.




It’s nice to finally meet you. (nice = adjective, nice describes the person’s feelings towards meeting the other person)


More examples:


  • I have a lot of homework. It’s easy to do.

  • It’s expensive to go on holiday every month.

  • It’s difficult to understand this maths homework.

  • It’s tiring to clean my room.

  • It’s impossible to make my bed in 10 seconds.

  • It’s dangerous to cross the road without looking.

  • It’s wonderful to see you again.

  • it’s disgusting to talk with food in your mouth.

  • Its normal to brush your teeth twice a day.

  • It’s rude to not open the door for someone.

  • It’s polite to have manners.

  • It wasn’t easy to cook dinner for my mum.

  • It was hard to do the grocery shopping

  • It was exciting to see Emma at the wedding.



It… Exercises..


  1. Write 5 sentences to do with time.


  • It’s ___________________________________________

  • It’s ___________________________________________

  • It’s ___________________________________________

  • It’s ___________________________________________

  • It’s ___________________________________________



  1. Answer the following questions about the weather. Make sure your answers begin with It…


  • What is the weather like today? ________________________________________________________________________

  • What was the weather like yesterday? ________________________________________________________________________

  • What was the weather like last month? ________________________________________________________________________

  • What is the weather like in December? ________________________________________________________________________

  • What is the weather like in Autumn? _________________________________________________________________________


  1. For the following scenarios create 3 sentences you could say beginning with ‘It…’ to describe the weather.


It’s a lovely day.


  • ____________________________________________________________________________

  • ____________________________________________________________________________

  • ____________________________________________________________________________


It’s a dull day.


  • ____________________________________________________________________________

  • ____________________________________________________________________________

  • ____________________________________________________________________________


  1. Fill in the missing gaps using the following phrases.


it’s my birthday,    it’s Christmas,    it’s the weekend,    it’s Monday,    it’s her birthday,


  • I don’t like Sunday nights because I know ________________________________ tomorrow and I have school.

  • ____________________________________ so I have no school.

  • I am having a party on Saturday because ___________________________________________.

  • I need to buy mum a birthday present. ____________________________________ next week.

  • _____________________________ today so everything is closed.



  1. Create 5 sentence in the following format ‘It’s ________ to ________________________ .


Example: It’s nice to see you again.


  • ___________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________________________________________________

  • __________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________________________________________________



Challenge: Use google to answer the following questions. Make sure your answers begin with ‘It’s…’


  • How far is it from New York to Los Angeles? __________________________________________________________________________

  • How far is it from Dewsbury to Batley? ___________________________________________________________________________

  • How far is from Leicester to Bolton? ___________________________________________________________________________

  • How far is it from London to Paris? ___________________________________________________________________________

  • How far is it from Australia to Hong Kong? ___________________________________________________________________________



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