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Lives in crisis: “conflict, education and new hope”

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Lives in crisis: “conflict, education and new hope”

There is a hidden crisis in countries in the world in regions affected

by conflict as it has an enormous impact on children’s ability to access

education denying them the basic rights to attend school.


Many girls are either denied of an education or have never completed an

education and some girls have become mothers of eight, nine or ten children

but cannot read or write. We need to do something which will provide girls

the chance to stay in school and complete their education, especially in poor

remote areas.They have no advocate and no voice to give them this right

and the situation is getting worse.


Girls as young as 11 year olds are offered marriage and these girls are

determined to marry as culture and society dictates but this has a detrimental

effect on the future of their life as they have no prospect of employment and

are financially dependent on the husband for the rest of their lives. Charities

need to work on projects which provide a pillar of support for these girls and

appoint mentors so these girls can see the bigger picture of life and marry

when they truly ready.


The crisis of schooling is not localised to South Sudan but the current situation

in Syria has displaced young children – before the war nearly every child had

a primary education. As many as 22% of the 22,000 state schools are unusable

for education purposes. Consequently, conflict impacts millions of children in

the short term and effects their future for years to come.


Where there are conflicts, children are more likely to form themselves into

gangs, be attracted and recruited by armies, and take part in sexual violence

and so on.


When these conflicts end, funding rarely restores the situation. Charities need

to help here. To curtail this, the UN needs to play a larger role in bringing an

end to the destruction of schools and education centres and their use by

armed forces, armies and government during a countries conflict.


Parents are afraid as one child said, “…they were hitting schools. Many children

died so we got scared and stopped going to school. No children would go to

school, it was too dangerous,” Saba, 13, year old in Syria.


Improve Tuition is seeking to partner with some reputable world charities who

can organise internet support in these countries so online tutoring classes in

maths, English and science can be offered  through tutors and teachers

outside these conflict countries.


Faheem Hassan says, “We want to partner with charities to offer free online

tuition to these deprives regions of the world where conflict is denying children

a right to education.


“Free online tuition in shapes, online tutoring in handling data and online

tutoring in English will help children in poverty and war regions of the world”.


If you are a charity and you are more interested in partnering with Improve

Tuition in conflicted affected countries then why not contact.


Article by Mr G Dabhad

Educational Journalist

Tel. ++44 (0)1924 506010

Email: info@improvetuition.org