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Making Reference Calls when Choosing Tutors

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Making Reference Calls when Choosing Tutors

When choosing English tutors, make sure you carryout deep and in-depth

reference calls and centre visits. This should be a standard component of

your tutor selection process. Improve Tuition recognises that this is an area

that many parents fail when choosing English tutors.

Poor preparation, unclear ideas and lack of focusparent results in selection

of poor tutors. Without a clear idea,what you mayget could cost your pupil

their future.The tuition company will naturally show you what they need to

show you, manage the meetingprocess to their benefit. You ought to follow

these guidelines:


  • Have vivid set of objectives and questions for the tutor.
  • Ensure you take references of satisfied parents.
  • Insist on seeing/talking to these referees.
  • Get an idea of the of the English tuition service.
  • Centre managers and tutors will always try and lead meetings; ask to spend time alonewith a pupil (although under clear supervision).
  • Focus on whether the tutoring service has brought clear improvements.
  • Ask parent references how the tuition service handles problems.


If you follow these useful guidelines as closely as possible you will select

the right pupils.

Do you have any ideas on what you would like to add or delete from the

list above? Let us know your thoughts.

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