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Might is a modal verb. The word might shows possibility of something happening.



We might go on holiday. (It is a possibility that we will go on holiday)


might + infinitive

I might = It is possible that I will




I might come to your house later.
We might sleep at grandma’s house tonight.
You might win the swimming competition.
They might go to the park to play football.
He might buy a car because he passed his driving test.
She might start working soon.
It might rain.


I might not = It is possible that I will not




I might not attend the conference.
We might not be late to school today.
You might not find the lipstick you lost.
They might not listen to you.
He might not go out tonight.
She might not order Chinese food.
It might not snow.



The difference – Sure vs Possible :


I’m going out tonight.I might go out tonight.
Grandma is going to phone you tonight.Grandma might phone you tonight.
I’m playing football tonight.I might play football tonight.
She is crying because you shouted at him.She might cry if you shout at him.




You can use may in the same way.


I may = I might


Example: I may go to Kate’s house. (= I might go to Kate’s house)


More Examples:


I may…I might…
I may go to the supermarket.I might go to the supermarket.
She may go to Susie’s house.She might go to Susie’s house.
He may not come out for dinner with us.He might not come out for dinner with us.
It may rain.It might rain.
They may come over to the house.They might come over to the house.
We may not play tennis.We might not play tennis.




The modal verb may is used to express permission and to ask if you are allowed to do something.


May I….? (=Is it okay to..?) (= Can I…?)

Example: May I go to the toilet? (=    Is it okay if I go to the toilet? / Can I go to the toilet?)


More examples:


May I sit here?
May I go to Tom’s house?
May I use the car tomorrow night?
May I use your mobile phone to ring my mum?
May I stay out until late?
May I ask what the time is?



Might Exercises..


  1. Name 5 infinitive verbs.


  • _______________________________

  • _______________________________

  • _______________________________

  • ________________________________

  • _______________________________


  1. Complete the sentences using each of the infinitive verbs you have mentioned in Exercise 1.


  • I might ______________________________________________________________________

  • He might not _________________________________________________________________

  • We might ____________________________________________________________________

  • They might ___________________________________________________________________

  • She might not _________________________________________________________________



  1. Fill in the missing gaps with the infinitive verbs.


be                               go                            sleep                              rain                           walk


  • Louise might __________ to her friend’s house.

  • They might ____________ at their grandma’s house tonight.

  • She might __________ ill.

  • I might __________ to work tomorrow.

  • It might __________ tonight.


  1. Create your own sentences and questions.


  • I may________________________________________________________________________

  • They may ____________________________________________________________________

  • It may _______________________________________________________________________

  • May I ________________________________________________________________________

  • May he _______________________________________________________________________


Challenge: Write whether each sentence is sure or possible.


  • I’m playing football on Saturday night. ________________

  • She might not go to work tomorrow. __________________

  • Susie is coming over to my house tonight. _____________

  • I might go Emma’s house.___________________________

  • They might go swimming on Saturday __________________





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