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Established since 2007, pupils join Improve tutors for a number of reasons which include lacking confidence and self-esteem in English, Math or science. So if your child is falling behind at school in reading, writing or spelling we can help. We also offer exam preparation and help with study learning techniques which helps improve grades.


Improve caters for all abilities, not just those children who are falling behind at school.  Our comprehensive subject assessment is free and without any commitment.  Tutors will discuss the findings in full with parents outlining key weaknesses.  This enables us to create an individual learning plan for your child.  It is your chance to see if you’d like to enroll your child.


Online tutoring lasts for 60 minutes on a one to one 1:1 basis or 1:4 though choosing groups can drastically reduce costs.  Each child has their one learning plan and each child is gradually developed to a point of challenge but never overwhelmed. Our tutors aim is to develop confidence and skills and this forms the foundation for each child to achieve their full potential. Tutors and managers monitor and improvements is carefully monitored and assessed. There is a strong emphasis on motivation and success.


Our tutors make your child relaxed by being friendly and positive allowing your child to feel safe, focused and happy to learn.


At Improve we offer a FREE assessment, followed by a programme personalized to your child, combined with your child’s tutor who offers individual attention in a safe and comfortable learning.


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Our friendly knowledgeable online staff are here to help so if you have any concerns about your child’s performance at school and want to offer the gift of a brighter future then fill in the contact form or email us now on info@improvetuition.org. Our tutoring programmes allows every student to realise their full learning potential, something which large classrooms are not able to offer. 


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