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Non-Fiction Texts

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Activity 8 – To Persuade

Persuasive texts are similar to argument texts but instead of presenting both

points of view to inform people, you are presenting your point of view to

persuade people to believe as you do or to do something you want them

to do.


Below is an example for you to look at.

  • CO
Key FeaturesExplanation
Personal Address1. When persuading someone to something you
need to address them personally this creates a
close connection between you and your audience
Information1. This section of the text can be presented in many
different ways depending on what sort of text you
are producing.
2. However it is presented (bullet points, paragraph,
sub-headings) it needs to be clear and easy to
3. You are persuading someone to do something so
use persuasive language and description to
interest them.


Now have a go at constructing your own non-fiction persuasive text. Some

ideas are given below to help you. If you need to, use the internet to help



Remember information texts can presented in a variety of

different ways:

1. headings/sub-headings

2. clear paragraphs

3. maps/diagrams

4. drawings/photographs


The purpose of these texts is to persuade someone to something. It is often

opinion but can contain fact as well. Direct address makes the text personal

and engaging with the reader.


1. Persuade a friend to run a marathon with you
2. Persuade your parents to let you quit school
1. Persuade your classmates to raise
money for a charity
2. Persuade someone to buy your new product



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