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Non-Fiction Texts

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Non-fiction Texts

Non-fiction texts have very specific purposes and audiences. They differ

depending on the style of the text as well. The purposes have already been

mentioned above: to instruct, to inform, to recount ,to explain, to argue and

to persuade. Audiences differ a lot depending on the subject of the writing 

and the presentation of the writing.


For example:

Newspaper ArticlePoliticsAdults
Newspaper ArticlePop MusicTeenager
ReviewReference BookUniversity Student
ReviewLatest Disney DVDChildren
BiographyHistorical FigureHistorian
LeafletTourist GuideTourists
LeafletHealthy EatingParents
ReportExperiment ResultsScientist


When reading a text if it doesn’t appeal to you it’s probably because the

audience isn’t targeted it at you. When creating a text it is important that you

think carefully about the audience you are aiming at. This is especially true

for advertising.


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