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Non-Fiction Texts

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Now have a go at constructing your own non-fiction instruction text. Some

ideas are given below to help you. If you need to, use the internet to help



1. Directions from your school to the
nearest supermarket
2 Instructions on how to build a rocket
from recycled plastic/cardboard
1. Recipe for making fairy cakes
2. Directions to the nearest airport.
3. Instructions on how to knit a scarf
4. Recipe for making lasagne



Activity 4 – To Inform

Non-fiction texts that inform are perhaps the most common type of non-fiction

text .There are many types of text that can inform: websites, reference books,

reviews and more. They can appear in many forms, but will all inform you

about something.



  Key Features  Explanation
  Title1. This is key, it lets the reader know exactly what the
text is about.
2. It should be short and clear – to the point.
  Information1. This section of the text can be presented in many
different ways depending on what sort of text you
are producing.
2. However it is presented (bullet points, paragraph,
sub-headings) it needs to be clear and easy to
3. You are informing about something so if you use
facts and statistics make sure they are correct and
  Picture1. Pictures/illustrations and diagrams are all very
helpful for the reader.
2. They show what exactly is being talked about,
some people may not know anything about what
you are informing them of.
  Sources1. If information is sourced from other places you
should always reference unless it is general
2. If you directly quote make sure you use footnotes.
Sources are good because they show the reader
the text has evidence to support it and it isn’t made