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Non-Fiction Texts

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Activity 6 – To Explain

Explanation texts are similar to informative texts, but they go into more detail

about the subject. They can be explaining a word, an object, an event, a

process and more.


Below is an example for you to look at.





  Key Features  Explanation
  Title1. This is key, it lets the reader know exactly what the
text is about.
2. It should be short and clear – to the point.
  Definition1. A quick definition of what it is e.g. Table is a noun
  Information1. This section of the text can be presented in many
different ways depending on what sort of text you
are producing.
2. However it is presented (bullet points, paragraph,
sub-headings) it needs to be clear and easy to
3. As you are explaining it should be very clear.
  Picture1. This is good for illustrating what you are explaining
in case no one knows what it is


Now have a go at constructing your own non-fiction explanation text. Some

ideas are given below to help you.

If you need to, use the internet to help you.


Explanation texts can presented in a variety of different ways:

1. headings/sub-headings

2. clear paragraphs

3. maps/diagrams



1.Explain what a volcano is
2.Explain what the purpose of school
education is
1. Explain what the difference is
between “colour” and “color”
2. Explain why your favourite band is
your favourite band