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Non-Fiction Texts

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Activity 7 – To Argue

Argument texts, as it suggests, present an argument on a certain subject.

They should however be balanced and record both sides of the argument

and then at the end they will present the author’s conclusion and opinion.


Below is an example for you to look at.


  Key Features  Explanation
  Title1. This is key, it lets the reader know exactly what the
text is about.
2. It should be short and clear – to the point.
  Information1. This section of the text can be presented in many
different ways depending on what sort of text you
are producing.
2. However it is presented (bullet points, paragraph,
sub-headings) it needs to be clear and easy to
3. You are arguing about something so you should
make sure both sides of the argument are
  Picture1. Pictures/illustrations and diagrams are all very
helpful for the reader.
2. They show what exactly is being talked about,
some people may not know anything about what
you are informing them of.


Now have a go at constructing your own non-fiction argument text. Some

ideas are given below to help you. If you need to, use  the internet to help



Remember information texts can presented in a variety of different ways:

1. headings/sub-headings

2. clear paragraphs

3. maps/diagrams

4. drawings/photographs


They discuss issues and are formal.

1. Which is healthier cycling or
2. Should univeristy be free?
1. Is recycling efficient?
2. Which is more damaging to
children’s learning television or