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Non-Fiction Texts

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In practice, any purpose could be assigned to any text but there are certain

pairings that work the best. For example reports do not normally instruct

people but they can argue, persuade, explain and inform .


Activity 3 – To Instruct

The most common type of text that instructs is recipes. Other types of

instructions can include: travel directions to and from different places and

instruction manuals that might tell you how to build/make/use something. 

Below is an example of an instruction text for you to look at.





Key FeaturesExplanation
Title1. This is key, it lets the reader know exactly what the
text is about.
2. It should be short and clear – to the point.
Ingredients1. This is essential for a recipe text as it tells the
reader what they need to be able to complete the
instructions before they start.
2. If needed don’t forget to include amounts of
ingredients e.g 2 eggs, 150g plain flour.
Utensils1. This is also essential for a recipe text as the
reader needs to know if they have everything to
make it.
2. For example when making meringues you need an
electric beater – if you don’t tell the reader that they
might start making it and then realise they don’t
have one.
Method1. This is the most important bit of the text.
2. It should be clear and concise with each step put
as a new number.
3. Numbered points make it easy for reference and
knowing whereabouts in the recipe you are.
4. In instructions make good use of imperatives with
imperative verbs – Cut the bread, Spread the jam.
Not please would you mind cutting a slice of bread
for me, if it isn’t too much trouble spread a little
Picture1. Pictures/illustrations and diagrams are all very
helpful for the reader. They can show the
ingredients, utensils or what the product should
look like at different stages so they can compare.


Now have a go at constructing your own non-fiction instruction text. Some

ideas are given below to help you.If you need to, use the internet to help you.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


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