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Non Verbal Reasoning

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Get your brain cells working with Non verbal

reasoning Tuition

As part of many schools entrance exam process, selective and 11 plus UK

grammar schools use Non-verbal reasoning as a tool to test the aptitude



Non-verbal reasoning questions are in pictorial form. 11 + schools consider

them as a reliable source of measuring ability because they are required in

Maths, Science, Design and Technology where graphic, logical thinking,

problem solving, maths skills (rotation, reflection, symmetry) are required as

well working in a systematic way.


Although children will work at home under non-timed conditions, eventually

timed conditions should be practiced.

This is because children’s non-verbal reasoning exam will have a set time.

Therefore children need practice under exam conditions.


Non vering tuition that provides a strategic

advantage reason

Our non-verbal reasoning tuition provides preparation for exams giving them

a strategic advantage in an interesting way. There are certain non-verbal

reasoning type of questions.


We teach children the techniques of passing the exam n a fun and enjoyable

way. Learning these methods considerably reduces the chances of getting

them wrong and is a valuable approach in passing the tests.


Our step by step tutorials allows children to master these question types including

similarities, analogies, sequences, hidden shapes, matrices, reflected shapes,

nets of cubes, codes and combined shapes.


How long do I need to prepare for the Non Verbal

Reasoning Test

Most children will need 18 months practicing these exams but some will

show natural ability and will need little practice. For most children, starting

in year 4 is important as competition for grammar places is increasing each

year. Practicing daily and regularly is key. Bite size learning is better. 


Important Information – Heckmondwike Grammar School

 Kirklees Council manages admissions to Heckmondwike Grammar School. The school changed their entrance exam supplier in September 2014 from GL to that of CEM (The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) by University of Durham. 


   Number of Places   180 in Year 7
   30th October 2015 – CAF and LA
   Grammar – OPEN DAY   23th (Tuesday) &  24th (Wednesday) June 2015
   Grammar – TEST DATES   12th (Saturday) September 2015
   11 + – TEST TYPES   English & Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning
   11 plus – EXAMINERS   CEM (University of Durham)
   TEST RESULTS DATES   15th October 2015
   Heckmondwike School place Allocations   1st March 2016
   Parents acceptance date   11th March 2016
   Closing date for appeals   4th April 2016
   Sites   Click Here 11 plus Prep  NVR  VR