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Welcome to e-improve Tuition

Welcome to e-improve tuition, a new learning concept which delivers

surpassing online education for pupils aged 7 years and over. Online tutoring

is done using an advanced interactive whiteboard and voice to explain topics,

tackle questions and work problems.


Why e-Improve Tuition?

Get Taught online. Its easy! 
Save on journey time and therefore get more done – much quicker!

> Replace the regular face-to-face tuition.

> Online tuition is just more convenient, fun and affordable.

> Get rich audio integration to make teaching and learning easier.

> Work from anywhere: your room, garden, park, families or friends house etc.

> Work from your ipad or tablet.


What services do we provide?

> Once you schedule an online tuition lesson, we work on:
> A free 30 minute tuition lesson online.
> You building the knowledge to tackle questions in maths, English, science etc.
> Offer homework help, exam preparation, assignment help and assignment review.