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What is Improve Tuition?

Improve Tuition is a private tuition provider for children aged 5-16, offering

tuition in English, Maths and Science.

Children can attend tutoring sessions once or twice a week all year round.

Our mission is to help your child achieve their maximum potential. For more

information on younger tuition,

A-Level tuition and other subjects call 01924 506010 for more information.


How do we choose our tutors?

We know that in order to motivate your child and help them to achieve their

best our tutors have to be exceptional. This is why we carefully select the very

best talent, only recruiting the high achievers. Complemented by our fantastic

 training and low pupil to tutor ratio, you can be confident that your child is

receiving the best. Our tutors are friendly and adaptable, adjusting 

themselves to the capabilities of their students to effectively help and challenge



What happens in a typical tutoring


Depending on which subjects your child is attending tuition for, the time will be

split evenly between them. First homework is marked and reviewed between

tutor and child, corrections are made and then explained. Next your child will

have their new work explained to them and be supported through it. Finally

 homework is set for the next week. Regularly tuition takes the form of a revision

session where your child will be tested on their previous work to check retention.


What is female only tuition?

At Improve Tuition we offer female only tuition for our female students. This

takes place in our female only tuition zones and are taught exclusively by

our female tutors. For more information call 01924 506010.


What happens in an assessment?

An assessment takes place on your child’s first week of tuition. They will be

introduced to a tutor who will test them on the subjects you wish your child

to attend tuition for. This allows the tutor to see what level they are currently

 working at, plan next steps and sort out appropriately aged material for

them to be working through.


Do you offer Exam preparation?

We offer preparation and support for: SATs, GCSE and Entrance examinations.

Normal tuition sessions are modified around exam season to accommodate

for exams and to focus on preparing the children for them. Exam preparation

is offered in every subject. Entrance examination preparation classes are also

available call 01924 506010 for more information.


What subjects do you offer tuition in?

We offer all round tuition in English and Maths and SATs and GCSE tuition in

English, Maths and Science. More subjects may be available

call 01924 506010 for more information.


Do you offer A-Level Tuition?

A-Level tuition is available at some centres in some subjects and offered on

a case by case basis, call 01924 506010 for more information.


Does Improve Tuition follow what is

taught in Schools?

Improve Tuition works alongside the National Curriculum taught in Schools

across the United Kingdom. We work to support what your child is already learning.


Do you provide feedback about each


Feedback is provided on every tuition session. Each child at Improve Tuition

has a planner in which the tutor, after each session, will record what has been

achieved. Strengths, weaknesses, next steps and homework are all written

in this along side test scores, exam results and any other information.


Students are also regularly given immediate feedback, and tutors are always

available for further questions after sessions.


If my child has special needs can they

benefit from Improve Tuition?

At Improve Tuition we pride ourselves on delivering personalized service to

each child that becomes a member.



Whatever the needs of your child we do our utmost to provide a fun,

learning environment that encourages them to grow and increases

their confidence.


Can my four year old attend Improve


Improve Tuition offers tutoring for children from the age of five, due to the

nature of our tutoring your child should be able to read. However, we consider

on a case by case basis.

Call 01924 506010 for more information.


Where can I attend Improve Tuition?

Improve Tuition currently has a number of centres open in and around

West Yorkshire.

● Batley
● Bradford
● Dewsbury
● Heckmondwike
● Leeds (opening soon)
● Ravensthorpe
● Wakefield (opening soon)