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Improve Implementation Team

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Improve Implementation Team

Improve Tuition Implementation team, work along-side with our tutoring experts,

adding a critical dimension to our traditional tutoring work. Regional Directors

partner closely with tutors to help them support their pupils with habit formation

therefore making rapid maths, English and science progress and results.


Regional Directors work intensively with tutors across all subjects from maths,

English & science—to obtain lasting and substantial grade performance

improvement through training tutors on teaching children study habit and

adopting new study strategies.


This approach builds on Improve Tuition’s tradition and track record of going

beyond recommendations which inevitably helps your child to transform

programs in areas like maths, English, chemistry, biology and chemistry. By

deploying highly experienced previous tutors—who were typically high 

performing and experienced tutors —Improve Tuition can drive improvements

broadly across core subjects – maths, English and science – generating more

rapid study results and building lasting pupil capabilities than any other tuition

provider. Our support model is flexible and designed to meet specific pupil



Diverse backgrounds, deep implementation expertise:

Our Regional Director are based across the UK and it allows us to draw on

the expertise of leaders who understand pupil challenges and share their

experiences with the rest of the tutoring team.


Our Tutor Directors who support the team includes over a number of tutoring

professionals who are high achievers themselves and success-makers

themselves. They come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds

and are train tutors in  leading large-scale performance improvement

within children.


Pragmatic, results-oriented thinking:

Improve Tuition has delivered successful results for hundreds of pupils. As

part of our pragmatic, results-oriented approach, we carefully track key

performance indicators (KPIs) and help tuition centres and tutors in maths,

English and science establish effective performance management and

tutoring practices. We work directly with tutors at all levels to help them

develop new tutoring skills, build tutoring capabilities, and become home-grown

tuition experts—an approach that helps children sustain grade and level

improvements, long after tuition ends.


Tutors flexible in size and approach:

Before tuition begins, we assess pupils and design programs that fit their

unique circumstances. We also identify and manage potential tuition

weaknesses and establish good study habits to transform our members.

Since every child is different, we customise the tutoring of maths, English a

nd science—suggest the intensity of tuition and duration of tuition support

—according to the unique needs of each child.


In all cases, we provide 100% assistance, working with pupils as long as

needed to achieve the desired results.