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Parental involvement and your Children’s education

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Parental involvement and your Children’s education

Helping your child achieve is not an easy task as it requires a lot of patience.

Faheem Hassan explains what approaches parents can take to keep their

child on track throughout the school year and how partnering with online

tutors can help your child improve significantly.


For a child, keeping the motivation to study throughout the year is hard,

because many times there’s a lot of stuff going on in their lives which

overwhelms them.


So if your child is hitting a slump and is losing steam, then it’s not too late.

Have an open conversation immediately.


Often, kids will deny it was a bad year. Sit down with your child and say, “Look,

I want you to be honest with yourself and how you feel learning is happening?”

Let the child tell you what has been going wrong in tests, why it happened and

what can be done to improve the situation for the grades.


As parents, when our kids stumble, our goal is to encourage reflection. Help

kids unpick reasons for what went wrong and address these areas by making

improvements for the future. This will help your child move forward. Avoid

negative talk and the blaming of your child as this will only make matters

worse and not improve the situation. Therefore, the focus and interest ought

to be in what steps should be taken to pass the next test.


It maybe that  your child needs to do homework at the kitchen table so

somebody is there to make sure that he does it or perhaps  they need a tutor.

Appointing a quality online tutor in the USA and Canada and Europe can

substantially help. Often these online tutor help is available on short notice

and is particularly useful as online tutors in the USA, Canada and Europe

work flexibly with your child.


“When my daughter is stuck an online algebra tutor is available on short

notice”, says Stuart Jenkins he has taken up online algebra tuition in the USA.

“Tim often struggles with English especially reading and writing fiction and his

online English tutor helps my son understand English”, says Sara Staples

in Canada.


“My sons online physics tutor has helped my son move up in a short time

and this would not have been possible in a class of 30 children as the

teacher has to divide their time amongst all the children” says Smeeta

Patel in New York.


Whatever you choose, you always want to give concrete next steps to

ensure that your child does not fall again.


There is nothing wrong in saying, I want to see your homework every day

until your exam.  Laying that rule down on them will improve accountability

on a personal level. At first things may not change immediately. Always

give your child a second chance, so next time your child will know what’s

expected of them. He’ll have the script, he’ll know what he’s supposed to

say and do. Then talk about the progress.


We need to be coaches, teachers and limit setters for our children if we

want them to succeed in life. Coaching your child to remove those fears,

to raise those aspiration, to craft those perfect study habits and having the

willingness to undergo temporary pain to do better is one of the key ways

to becoming a successful learners and aspire to successful careers. Always

remember, the goal is to help your child grow in their studies—and when

success does come it will become worthwhile – otherwise aspirations which

were never realized are a waste.