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Phrasal verbs (1)

A phrasal verb is a verb + preposition (in/out/up/down etc)

In/into :


Verb + inExamples:
Break in…They were going to break into the shop but the police arrived.
Check in…Did you check into the hotel?
Cut in…Cut into the cake.
Drop in…I told Sue to drop in so the doorbell might ring.
Eat in…Do you want to eat in tonight?
Fill in…Have you filled in the form?
Get in…Get into the car.
Give in…Don’t give in to her nonsense.
Hand in…Did you hand in your homework?
Log in…My teacher told me to log into my emails.




Verb + outExamples:
Ask out…He asked me out on a date.
Break out…I want to break out of this prison.
Check out…Check out that painting.
Cross out…You need to cross out your mistakes.
Eat out…Me and dad are eating out tonight.
Fall out…Step away from the window. I don’t want you to fall out.
Figure out…I need to figure out this maths calculation.
Fill out…Did you fill out your tax details?
Find out…Did you find out what all that racket was about?
Get out..Get out of your bed.
Go out…Go out for some fresh air.
Grow out…It’s hard to grow out of old habits.
Hang out…Do you want to hang out at my place?
Look out…She’s been looking out of the window for a while now.
Pass out…She was about to pass out.
Sort out…I need to sort out my passport.
Take out…Take the bins out.
Work out…I need to work this calculation out.




Verb + overExamples:
Get over…Get over your fight you had with your sister.
Go over…Are you going to go over to Val’s house?
Hand over…Hand over you phone right now.
Run over…My dad nearly got run over.
Sleep over…I don’t like to sleep over at my grandma’s house.




Verb + onExamples:
Get on…Get on with your work silently.
Got on…She got on the bus after me.
Hang on…I need you to hang on a minute.
Hold on…Hold on to my hand.
Keep on…Keep on trying.
Put on…Put on something warm.




Verb + offExamples:
Fall off…Be careful! You’re going to fall off.
Switch off…Switch it off.
Take off…Take off your shoes.
Wear off…My jeans are wearing off.




Verb + upExamples:
Back up…Back up your work.
Blow up…The house is on fire. It is going to blow up.
Cheer up…Cheer up!
Clean up…Clean up your room.
End up…I don’t want to end up unmarried with no kids and living alone.
Get up…Get up and help me.
Give up…I give up doing this homework.
Keep up…You need to keep up with what’s going on in the world.
Make up…You really should make up with Sue.
Set up…I have to help set up for the wedding.
Stood up…He stood up and shouted at us for talking too loud.
Warm up…I need to wear something furry to help warm up.




Verb + downExamples:
Break down…You should break down your essay into paragraphs.
Bring down…If you’re coming down can you bring down my purse.
Calm down…You need to calm down.
Come down…Come down, your grandma’s here to visit you.
Cut down…You need to cut down on sugary foods.
Fall down…You are going to fall down.
Fell down…She fell down.
Look down…If you see a stranger, look down.
Lie down…If you have a headache, lie down.
Put down…Put down your phone and look at me.
Sit down…Stop standing, sit down.


Away or Off:


Verb + away/off 
Ran away…He knocked over my grandma and ran away.
Ran off…He knocked over my grandma and ran off.
Drove away…She got into the car and drove away.
Drove off…She got into the car and drove off.
Gone away…Kevin has gone away to New York.
Gone off…Kevin has gone off to New York.
Call off…Call off the engagement.
Give away…You should give away the clothes you don’t wear anymore.
Throw away…You should throw away your tattered shoes.




Verb + backExamples:
Be backBe back for 8pm.
Call back…You need to call your grandma back.
Come back…I don’t think John is going to come back to university next year.
Cut back…Cut back on junk food.
Get back…Get back to school.
Give back…You need give Emma her shoes back.
Go back…Go back to your room and clean it up.
Think back…Think back to what you did over the summer holidays.
Went back…They went back to the hotel to get changed.


Round or Around:


Verb + round/aroundExamples:
Ask around…Ask around to get some directions.
Call around…Call around and see if anyone knows what’s happened.
Get round…You need to get round to the hospital right now.
Look around…Can you help us look around to find Thomas.
Turn around…You need to turn the car around.



Phrasal verbs  (1) Exercises..


  1. Fill in the missing gaps with the correct phrasal verbs.


fell down       got in        drove off       look around        looked out        turn over       gone away        climbed over   fall off            got on        stood up           get up                sit down            ran away      come back        be back


  • This man just knocked over my dad and _________________

  • _____________ to see if you can see a sign.

  • My sister ____________ the stairs and broke her arm.

  • I don’t usually __________ this late.

  • My mum has _____________ for a spa weekend with her friends.

  • She ___________ the car and _____________ without saying bye.

  • I told mum that I will ___________ for dinner.

  • She ____________ the bus before me.

  • Come __________________ next to me.

  • I __________________ of the window to see if anyone was playing outside.

  • My neighbour ___________________ our fence to get his ball.

  • _______________ here right now!

  • Tim is going to _________________ his motorcycle if he isn’t careful.

  • Why are you _____________________?

  • _____________________________ the page



  1. From the following sentences write down the phrasal verb.


  • My teacher told me to log into my emails. ____________________________________________

  • Go out for some fresh air. _________________________________________________________

  • My dad nearly got run over. _______________________________________________________

  • Hold on to my hand. _____________________________________________________________

  • Mum said take off your shoes. _____________________________________________________

  • I give up doing this Maths homework. _______________________________________________

  • If you see a stranger look down. ____________________________________________________

  • They drove off into the sunset. ____________________________________________________

  • I’ll be back for 8. ________________________________________________________________

  • We looked around for help. _______________________________________________________


  1. Create your own phrasal verbs then create your own sentence.


  • ________________________ in

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • _______________________ out

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ______________________ on

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ______________________ off

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ______________________ up

  • __________________________________________________________________________________


  • _____________________ down

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________ away

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ______________________ off

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________ back

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________ over

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • _______________________ round

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ______________________ around

  • __________________________________________________________________________________


Challenge: Come up with as many phrasal verbs that haven’t been mentioned in this topic.



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