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Unit 1: am / is / are

Section A: 

  • My name is Zohayb.
  • I’m 13.
  • My favourite sport is cricket.
  • My favourite episode is World’s End.
  • I’m interest in reading books.
  • My brother wants to become a business man.


Section B:


  • I am – I’m
  • He is – He’s
  • She is – She’s


I’m hot. Can you switch on the fan, please?

My brother is at University. He’s studying a Business

Management course at Huddersfield University.

My sister pulled my hair. She’s in trouble with my Mum.


they are – they’re

we are – we’re

you are – you’re


They’re playing in the park.

We’re going to New York in the summer holidays.

You’re going to get a detention if you miss your homework.



  • I am not – I’m not
  • he is not – he’s not
  • she is not – she’s not
  • it is not -it’s not


I’m learning and I’m not tired.