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Regular and irregular verbs

Regular Verbs


The past simple and past participle of regular verbs end in -ed.



clean -> cleaned

finish -> finished

cook -> cooked

shower -> showered

jump -> jumped

wait -> waited


I cleaned my bedroom. (= past simple)

She cooked dinner yesterday (=past simple)


have/has + past participle (= present perfect)

be (is/are/were/has been )+ past participle (= passive)


I have cooked dinner.

She has cleaned her bedroom.

The dishes are washed.

My phone has been repaired.


Irregular Verbs


The past simple and past participle of irregular verbs do not end in -ed.

Sometimes the past simple and the past participle are the same:


Irregular verbPast simplePast participle
MakeI madeI have made…
Find I foundI have found…
BuyI boughtI have bought…
Cut I cutI have cut…
Catch I caughtI have caught…
LooseI lostI have lost…



  • I made a cake. (=past simple)

  • I have made a cake. (=present perfect)

  • The cake is made from eggs, flour and sugar. (=passive present)

  • I found the ball.

  • I have found the ball.

  • I bought a new bag.

  • I have bought a new bag.


Sometimes the past simple and the past participle are different:


Irregular verbPast simplePast participle
fallI fellI have fallen…
seeI sawI have seen…
writeI wroteI have written…
takeI tookI have taken…
speakI spokeI have spoken…
knowI knewI have known…
giveI gaveI have given…
forgetI forgotI have forgotten…
flyI flewI have flown…
eatI ateI have eaten
doI didI have done…
breakI brokeI have broken…



  • I fell down the stairs.

  • I have fallen down the stairs.

  • I knew her.

  • I have known her for a long time.

  • I ate breakfast already.

  • I have eaten breakfast already.

  • I broke the chair. (= past simple)

  • I have broken the chair. (= present perfect)

  • The chair was broken. (= passive past)


Some irregular verbs:


Present simplePast simplePresent simplePast simplePresent simplePast simple
RunRan DriveDroveThinkThought
TakeTook HideHid TellTold
ThrowThrew SeeSawWearWore
BuildBuiltWriteWrote SaySaid
StinkStankTryTried StudyStudied
CopyCopied StopStopped PlanPlanned
GetGot HearHeard LoseLost



Regular and irregular verbs Exercises..


  1. Write whether the following verbs are regular or irregular.


  • clean _________________

  • cook __________________

  • build _________________

  • run ___________________

  • wash _________________

  • make _________________

  • walk __________________

  • study _________________

  • roll ___________________

  • laugh _________________

  • leave __________________

  • pay ___________________



  1. Fill in the missing gaps using the correct verb.


brushed          switched          finished          had                fell              woke          washed          drank           found           ate                   watched             sat                finished        showered      went       jumped


Yesterday, I _________ up at 9am. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I ____________ my teeth and I ____________. Next, I _____________ downstairs and ________ breakfast. I ____________ cereal and ___________ a glass of orange juice. When I had _______________, I ___________ up the bowl and glass. Then I went into the living room and ______________ on the sofa. I _____________ on the sofa and I ________________ on the television. I ____________ the news. I ___________ the news really boring so I __________ asleep on the sofa.



  1. Create sentences using the verb given.


  • (washed) __________________________________________________________________________

  • (bought) __________________________________________________________________________

  • (lived) _____________________________________________________________________________

  • (found) ____________________________________________________________________________

  • (cut) ______________________________________________________________________________

  • (left) ______________________________________________________________________________


Challenge: can you think of any other irregular verbs that have not been mentioned so far? If so, write them down. See how many you can come up with.

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