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Resembling Synonyms

Synonym is a word that has the same or similar in meaning. For example

joyous, jubilant and cheerful are all similar in meaning. 


Task 1: Find the synonyms form for the choice of words that follow.


teeny         huge          microscopic    terrific

lonely        deserted         sociable      lavish

pleasant         charming         discordant     pragmatic

discover         find        explore        neglect 

loudly         audibly         vociferously          silently   

enthusiastically         eagerly         quietly

foolishly          finely         absurdly         cautiously

gracefully       gracelesssly         awkwardly       skillfully

irritably          gently         bitterly         blandly



Task 2: Replace each word in italics with a synonym.

a. Ghulam enthusiastically revised for his Eaton College entrance exams.


b. Ali joyously learnt his vocabulary for the 11 plus exams.


c. There’s no one quite entirely like Danyaal in the football league – as no

one is truly ready to stop him score.  


d. Could we survive a mega Tsunami?


e. The ferocious animal madly attacked the tourists.


f. Improve Tuition is launching a range of online resources to help people

across the world to learn online.



Task 3: Read each sentence and replace the words in italics with synonyms.

a. Experts say warm, wet summers and mild winters are are reason for a

sudden jump in mosquitoes in Britain.


b. Powerful gale force winds have battered parts of the United Kingdom

and Ireland.


c. New information is emerging about two teenager rage incident that

happened in Leeds on Christmas Eve.


d. Before World War 2, the conflict between Germany and the allies lasted

for many years.


e. Professional tutors are always caring, compassionate, dedicated and



f. The ability of a outstanding online tutor is to say and do things that

uplifts, motivates, and inspires their pupils.


g. The ferocious dog bit the young girl who subsequently screamed.


h. Rival countries – China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines – have

and disputed over sea boundaries for centuries but a recent upsurge in

tension has raised concerns that the territory could have global



i. Snowdonia is Wales’ most dramatic wild place – which is home to

some rare wildlife – and it is one of the most beautiful and best travel 

resorts in the UK. 


Incredible challenge 

a. Mr Bean is a known actor that has lots of humor in his


b. Zaid is going to his last tests scores.

c. Sara a family picture on Instagram and it received over

a 100 likes.

d. The between London and Mumbai is 4461 miles.

e. Rabbit holes can be referred to as .

f. Nearly every Bollywood movie has a story between the hero

and villain.


You’re getting better at these!