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Study Guide : Phrases

Learner Guide



Learning Objective :


Definition :

A phrase is a group of words which don’t make sense on their own. They

normally don’t have a verb.


Example :

A party With Sarah


Explanation :

These groups of words are phrases. This is because we can see that there

is no verb in both phrases therefore we do not know the action of the subject.



Questions :

Pick the phrases out. 


In the rain

I woke up.


Tall and dark

He fell over.


In the rain

Tall and dark


Complete the sentence with a phrase.


[every day, for the movie, in bed, because the sun was out,]


I read a book .


The people waited in line .


The weather was nice .


Jonathon likes to play football .


I read a book in bed.

The people waited in line for the movie.

The weather was nice because the sun was out.

Jonathon likes to play football every day.


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