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Learner Guide


Sentences Forming Paragraphs

Definition :

A paragraph consists of sentences which work together and make sense. Each

sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.


Remember :

Proper nouns also need a Capital Letter! We use capital letters to



1.The first word in a sentence


2.Names of people


3.Days of the week


4.Months of the year


5.Names of streets and towns


6.Names of pets


Example :

Susan and Peter go to tuition in a city called Leeds. Their tutor helps them

with the work they find difficult. They enjoy learning and always revise after

their lesson.


Explanation :

This is a complete paragraph. This is shown by the capital letter at the

beginning of each sentence and the punctuation mark at the end of each

sentence. Each proper noun also has.




Complete this passage with the correct punctuation one day harry was

making some food he looked in the cupboard for some salt and found a dirty

lamp harry cleaned the lamp and suddenly a genie appeared the genie gave

him 3 wishes One day Harry was making some food. He looked in the

cupboard for some salt and found a dirty lamp. Harry cleaned the lamp and 

suddenly a genie appeared. The genie gave him 3 wishes.


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