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Learner Guide


Sentences in detail

Learning Objective : 


Definition :

A sentence must always contain a subject and a verb. The subject is always

the person who does the action. The subject is always a noun.

The verb describes the action of the subject. The verb can be in either tense;

past, present or future.


Example :

Adam walked home from school. Sarah completed her homework.


Explanation :

These are complete sentences. This is shown by the use of a subject and a

verb. (Circle subject- noun and underline the verb)


Example :

Walked home from school. Sarah quickly.


Explanation :

These are not complete sentences. In the first sentence, there is no subject!

Due to this we do not know who walked home from school.

In the second sentence, there is no verb! The meaning of this is we do not

know what Sarah did.


Questions :

Put the right subject in the right sentence.


[the mice, the doctor, the baby, the door]


are squeaking


 banged shut


 was crying uncontrollably


 will give me medicine


The mice are squeaking


The door banged shut


The baby was crying uncontrollably


The doctor will give me medicine


Put the right verb into the right sentence.


[play, saw, shaking, chewed]


The dog on the bone.


The baby is  her rattle.


We will a new game next week.


two cats under the car!


The dog chewed on the bone.


The baby is shaking her rattle.


We will play a new game next week.


I saw two cats run under the car!


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