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Study Guide : Online Writing Tutor

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How Ideas Are Organised online Writing


Different text will be ordered in different ways. A story will be ordered in a

chronological way. Some stories start in the middle or end and these are

called ‘flashbacks’.


In a blog, the latest stories appear first. A dictionary or encyclopaedia will

have the information ordered in alphabetical order.


Paragraphs and Stanzas

In fictional writing paragraphs start with a topic. Starting with a topic gives

us an idea what the main theme is about the paragraph.


Good writers vary their paragraphs. Where a writer needs to explain, the

paragraph will be in detail. Where impact is to be achieved, the paragraphs

will be short.


Stanzas is a groups of lines that appear in a poem and are sometimes 

referred to us poems.


Stanzas are set off from the other stanzas by having a line or indentation. A

poem uses imaginative language to express, ideas, thoughts and feelings.


Examples of different poems are: narrative poems, poems that follow a pattern,

shape poems, nonsense poetry There are many language features a poem

may have including, rhyme and alliteration.


Writers can use a variety of presentation features to make it easier to

understand the text.






Bullet Points, numbers


Text Boxes


Font style and size




Illustrations :

Questions which ask you to comment on the presentation features require

you to think about the effect it has on the reader and the value it adds. For

example, it might stand out better, or may grab your attention making it

more interesting.


You can mention representational features in response to your answer to a



‘How does the news article try to persuade readers to say green houses

gasses are destroying our planet?’


Key words


Simple sentences                              

Compound sentence                                               

Complex sentence


Related Topic

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