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Paragraphs Unfinished

English tutors can help you with how paragraphs are set out.


A paragraph should:

Be set out so that the first line of the paragraph is indented from the margin

or It set out so that the second and subsequent paragraphs are started by

missing a line. A paragraph is ended by simply beginning a new one.


Paragraph example 1

The first example shows how new paragraphs can be started on the next

available line, but with the first word beginning slightly to the right, or indented.


I ran a marathon. The weather was scorching, the breeze




Paragraph example 2

The second example shows how new paragraphs can be started by missing

a line. In this type of example, indenting the first new word is not necessary.


We’ve just come back from a lovely holiday in South sea. The weather was

glorious and Albert has still got a deep, golden glow from the sunshine. It’s

a pity it can’t be like that all year round.


The hotel we stayed in was spotless. We felt like royalty because the bed

sheets were changed twice, in the same week! I told Albert not to get too

used to it as I wasn’t going to carry that sort of thing on when we got home.

We also got nice, clean fluffy towels every other day too.


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