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Study Guide : Selecting Key words and Ideas 2

Learner Guide


Selective Words and Ideas

An essay tutor can help you with your writing by referring to a text

and using quotations.


Where you are asked to ‘identify’ or ‘find’ a word or phrase, simply find the

answer without explaining it.


2. Where you are given words or phrases directly from the text, and you are

asked to explain or interpret them, then do exactly this without adding any

further quote from the text.


3. Some questions will require you to find a word or phrases and give an

explanation for it.Where a questions ask you to support your answer using

the evidence in the writing, then answer it in your words and backing your

explanations with the evidence.



1.Paraphrasing is when you rewrite the text, summarizing the main points in

the text into your own words.


2.It is fine to add a short quotation to your paraphrased sentences.


3.Where a question does not ask you to pick out the words or phrases from

the text then you can paraphrase the text and examiners will reward you

(but try and use the evidence).


Quoting from the text

1. Where you select a word or phrase directly from the writing, we call it a



2. In a quote, you must use the exact words as in the text and use a quotation



3. Where a question reads ‘find’ or ‘copy’ use a short quote in your answer,

for example:


The writer implies how unusual he looked by saying he had ‘along  bushy

beard’and a ‘pointed hat’.



Where there are more marks, you should always use the PEE technique

which stands for point, evidence and explain. Some schools add an ‘L’ at the

end which means link back your answer to the point. So when you answer

a question, make a point, back it up and explain it.


Jamil is brave and knows exactly what the next steps are. He tells his brother

“set a side and the dragon will be finished”, which suggest that he is ready to

fight the dragon and is not afraid to killit.



The two different ways of referring to a text is paraphrasing and quoting.

1. Paraphrasing is when you summaries the words in the text, into your own words.

2. Quotations is when you use the exact words in the text and use inverted commas.

3. PEE stands for point evidence and explain.

4. We use PEE in answers that require a longer response



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