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Study Guide : Selecting Words and Ideas

Learner Guide


Selective Words and Ideas

Finding and selecting information and ideas


When reading a piece of text you should be able to select the key points in the.

You should be capable of choosing the correct points from text.

You should be able to skim read, so if you have read the text once, you can

quickly reread the text, finding the key points you need.

Some questions point you to the paragraph where the text can be found.

You should be able to paraphrase, or select a quote from the text. It is not

unusual to select points from various parts of the text.


Some questions begin with, What, Where, Who and When

Questions where you have to gather the points form a piece of writing begin

with ‘What, Where,’ ‘Who’ or ‘when’. The key focus of these you understand

the points the writer is making.


How and why?

These questions require you to use the information in the textto select the

clues, link them together and work out how and why things had happened.


Using the clues, you should connect the pieces of clues together, use it to

think outside the box, then decide how and why something had happened.


Some questions already have the reasons of how and why something may

have happened and you have to find them and use them in your answer.


Examples of how and why questions are, “According to the text how did…..”

or “According to the writer why….”


Where you are asked about “how the writer feels”, or “what the character

thinks…” you are able to answer these questions choosing the points

made in the question.


Further examples of how and why questions about a text include: How

does the writer feel about his experience at the hospital? According to the

text, why is the patient angry with the David Cameron?


According to the writer, how does the patient’s father feel when he loses his



Appropriate answers would be:

He feels unhappy / dissatisfied with the hospital service.

He is angry with David Cameron because he loses his son due to the poor health treatment.

He feels distraught and angry with the government.


A. What is skim reading?

Skim reading is when you look for the main points in the text, and should be

used after you have read it the writing once.


B. When is skim reading best used?

In factual writing where you need to find the main points.


C. Where the writer uses, “According to the text, why?

is the father angry with David Cameron?” Can you use your opinion in such a question?



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