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Study Guide : Structuring a longer response

Learner Guide



Structuring a longer response

Assignment help:

If you need assignment help we can help you write longer responses to

questions where they are needed.

When answering exam questions, the marks give you a clue the length of

your answer.


One mark question you are required a short answer. Two marks questions

require double the response and sometimes evidence to support your point.

Three mark questions will take half a page of an A4. Five mark questions will

require a full A4 page response. Ten mark question will require two sides

of writing.


Reading the question

When you see the word ‘language’ in an exam question, it means you have

to write about the language devices you have learnt such as: rhetorical

questions, lists or lists of three, repetition, exaggeration, alliteration and so on.


Understanding the question

If a question includes an explanation of what you should do followed by bullet

points, you must make sure that you cover all of them in your responses.

Sometimes a hint is given in the question, ‘comment on the writer’s choice of

words and phrases’ then here you should identify and comment on those 

words. It is advised you use two or three quotations in each paragraph, following

the PEE rule. Even when a question doesn’t mention quotations you ought to 

use them in questions where there are 2 or more marks.


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