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Study Guide : Types of sentence

Learner Guide


Types of sentence

Definition :

There are 4 types of sentences.

Statement- A statement gives basic information. It consists of a noun and a



The question- A question asks for information. It consists of a noun and a

verb, completing the sentence with a question mark (?).


The command- A command gives instruction. This is in a sentence which

contains an imperative verb and a noun.


The exclamation- An exclamation gives information about feelings. The

exclamation contains a noun and an abstract noun.


Remember: The noun can also be a pronoun


Example & Explanation

My teacher helped me.

Noun             verb


Can you revise your work well?

Noun             verb                Question Mark


You must always complete your homework to learn and understand topics.

Noun                      Imperative verb


I felt very knowledgeable after being taught the subject by the teacher.

Noun        Abstract noun



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