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Study Guide : Collective nouns

Learner Guide


Collective nouns

Learning Objective : 


Definition :

A collective noun is the name used for a group of people or thing.


Example :

A group of people who are related are called a family. A group of pupils in

school are called a class.


Explanation :

The word ‘family’ is used to tell us that there is a group of people who are


The word ‘class’ is used to describe the students together in school.


Questions :

Pick the correct collective noun.

[army, suite, bunch, fleet, swarm, forest, shoal]

A of flowers

A of soldiers

A of fish

A of bees

A of ships

A of trees

A of furniture


A bunch of flowers

A army of soldiers

A shoal of fish

A swarm of bees

A fleet of ships

A forest of trees

A suite of furniture


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