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Study Guide : PRONOUNS study english online

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PRONOUNS – Study English online


A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Look at this list of

pronouns to help you understand- He, him, it, you, she, her, we, us, they,

them, I, me.



Adam went to the table and Adam picked up the pen. We would say;

Adam went to the table and he picked up the pen.



We have used the pronoun ‘he’ instead of the noun ‘Adam’. Remember: A

pronoun can replace either a Proper Noun or a common noun.




What is a pronoun?

A word that replaces noun e.g. he, she, we, it.


Show each noun with it’s correct pronoun.

The snake hissed at the girl. It made her jump.

The cats chased the rats. They soon caught them.




Replace nouns with pronouns in these sentences :


(My sister) bought a hat and (the hat) cost a lot of money.

(The lion) roared when (Rob) came.


She bought a hat and it cost a lot of money.

It roared when he came.

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