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Non-Fiction Texts

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Learning Objective: To understand what a non-fiction text is,what the

                                        main types are and their purpose. How you can 

                                        recognize them.


What is a Non-Fiction text? What is their purpose?


1. Fiction means something that has been created and invented and is not true. Non-fiction is the opposite, it deals with the truth and document facts.


2. A non-fiction text is writing that is informative and factual rather than inventive and creative although non-fiction texts can be inventive and creative as well.


3. Non-fiction texts can have several purposes. They can instruct, inform, recount, explain, argue or persuade. They are usually truthful although this is not always the case and so you shouldn’t believe everything you read.


4. There are many types of non-fiction texts that are available and that get produced.


5. Some common ones are:

1. Newspaper Articles

2. Reviews

3. Reports

4. Autobiographies/Biographies

5. Brochures

6. Leaflets

7. Reference Books




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