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Writing a Review

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Learning Objective: To understand what a review is, what they are used

                                        for and how to create a successful one.


What is a Review? What are they used for?

1. A review is a written assessment of something, someone or an experience.

    It is there to inform people, to advise them, to analyse something or

    describe it.


2. They can be written with a positive view in order to give praise, with a

    negative perspective to criticise, or simply just offer an  opinion and

    balanced view of something for others to read.


3. A review should always give your opinion but also be as accurate as

    possible. The purpose of a review is often to help other people so giving

    accurate information is useful. For example if you are reviewing a product

    such as a mobile phone accurate details allow other people who read your

    review to understand it.


4. Here are some examples of things that typically get reviewed:


1. A book

2. A film

3. A CD

4. A holiday

5. A place you visited – museum, theme park

6. An experience – paintballing, swimming, flying, massage

7. A product you have bought/used – mobile phone, clothes,

    shoes, toys, crafts, recipe book

8. A play

9. A sporting event
1 2 3 4 5


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