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Study Guide : Writing to Advise

Learner Guide



Learning Objective: To understand what writing to advise is and how you

                                        can create a successful response to an exam paper



What is Writing to Advise?

1. Writing to advise involves you trying to help someone by presenting an

    idea or way to accomplish something.

2. In the text you need to suggest ideas to people but don’t push them it

    isn’t persuasive writing. It should be friendly and sympathetic.




3. Writing to advise can deal with facts and figures to support what you are

    saying but is more about suggesting ideas, trying to give a solution to a


4. Once you have chosen your angle to write from you can discuss other

    options but remember you are trying to give a single solution so always be

    clear with exactly what it is you are advising the person to do.

5. An easy way to remember what writing to advise is, is that you are

    presenting options to someone who needs help with something.

6. Because you are suggesting and not forcing ideas words such as “could”,

    “might”, “maybe” and “perhaps” convey ideas without pushing them too much.


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