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Study Guide : Writing to Persuade

Learner Guide



Learning Objective: To understand what writing to persuade is and how

                                        you can create a successful response to an exam

                                        paper question.


What is Writing to Persuade?

1. Writing to persuade involves you presenting your opinion on something

and persuading them to your point of view.


2. In the text you need to convince people to that your opinion is the correct

one. You should make it passionate, emotional and engaging.


3. Writing to persuade can deal with hard facts and figures but is more

about presenting a strong opinion. Unlike writing to argue a persuasive

argument does not need to be balanced.


4. Once you have chosen your stance on a topic you have to stick to it.

For example if you start of trying to persuade everyone how schools 

should get rid of school uniform don’t start saying “well actually there

are positives to it”. You are not presenting a balanced view.


5. Writing to persuade is one-sided. You do not offer the other side of the

argument, but be prepared to counter it politely.
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