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Study Guide : Create Characters

Learner Guide



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 Learning Objective: To understand what a character is and to                                                         learn how to create a good character.



A character is a person in a literary text. The can be the main  character or a

minor character depending on how much importance you give them. They can

either narrate the story (first person narrative) or you can follow them through

someone else’s perspective (third person narrative.)



When you want to create a character for a story there are lots of things to

think about. Your character should be interesting and appealing to the

reader and the more different they are the more likely people are to

remember them.


Below are some useful steps to help you plan a


Step 1: Think about the personality you want your character to have.

Are they:
Mean, selfless, brave, loyal, honest, deceitful, clever, friendly, timid.


Step 2: Create the appearance of your character, in stories looks are important.

Are they:
Ugly, fair, blonde, tanned, wrinkled, warty, green, hairy, tall, fat, three eyed, six


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