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Learner Guide


Settings in a story

Learning Objective: To understand what a setting is and to learn how to

                                        create interesting settings.



A setting in a story is the place where and when it is set. It lets your reader

know a lot more information which is useful if your story is set in a fictional

place that only you have heard of. A story may take place wherever you like:

in a village, or a factory or an imaginary place. They may also take place

whenever you like: in the present, the past or the future.


When you write a story you must make good use of description to paint a

vivid picture of the setting in the readers’ mind.



Ana entered the old abbey. It’s walls were crumbling and every now and again

small stones fell from the ceiling. All over the walls a thin green ivy plant grew

up it twisting into all the small gaps and niches. It was in great need of repair.
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