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Story Planning

Learning Objective: To understand that all stories are planned before they

are written. To know some different ways of planning stories and how to

successfully create a story plan.



A story plan is something that allows you to work out what exactly will happen

in your story before you write it. You can plan your settings, characters and

main events. They are useful so that you can make sure your story makes

sense, is exciting and is unique. For example if you were writing a murder-

mystery story you need to plan out what all the characters are doing and

when to keep the mystery a secret the whole way through. Otherwise if you

just started writing it you might give away who the murderer is! Stories always

have a beginning, a middle and an end. Those are the basics for forming

a plan, but they also have characters, settings, subplots and more and you

may want to plan these too. There are lots of different ways to plan stories,

you should use whichever you like best.
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