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Online SSAT Tutoring

Improve Tuition offers focused online Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT)

preparation. We help prepare for this test to help pupils achieve admissions.

The online SSAT preparation focused on raising ability with questions on

reading comprehension, word recognition and comparison, and mathematical



This test is offered 8 times throughout the year, and pupils are able to take

the test unlimited times.


Vital SSAT Details:

The three different versions of the test are:

Grades 3-4:   Elementary (110 minutes)

Grades 5-7:    Middle (170 minutes)

Grades 8-11:  Upper (170 minutes)


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Some of the States we cover SSAT Tutoring Online include:

Improve Tutoring: Woodbridge, New Jersey | Improve

Tutoring:Erie, Pensylvania  | Improve Tutoring:

Lakeland, Florida


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