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Learner Guide

Clause Types PART ONE

Learning Objective: To understand what a clause is and to recognize

                                        that there are many different types of clauses and

                                        be able to identify them.



A clause is a group of information that either makes the whole or makes up

part of a sentence. There are many different types  of clauses, each

recognizably in different ways, some will make sense on their own but some

clauses need to be attached to other clauses to be grammatically correct.


Types of Clauses

There are many different types of clauses, here are the more common ones.

1. Subordinate clause
2. That clause
3. Wh- clause
4. Adverbial clause
5. Relative clause
6. Comparative clause
7. Non-finite clause
8. Verbless clause


*Below the exercises are split into eight categories. Each section will focus

on one of the eight clause types mentioned above*


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