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Learner Guide

Clause Types PART TWO

Clause Type 5: The Relative Clause

An online writing tutor for 3rd grade, can explain relative clauses. These add

more information to the main sentence but specifically about the noun in the

main clause. They are fairly easy to identify as they usually start with a 

relative pronoun such as: who, that, which.



I liked the babysitter who always brought sweets around.

She likes living in London which has many parks.



“Who” is always used to refer to extra information about people, “which” is

used to refer to things but “that” can be used to refer to people or things. In

each case the relative clause adds information about the noun in the main

clause. “Who always brought sweets around” adds information about the

babysitter m- a noun. “Which has many parks” adds information about London

– a noun.


Activity 1

Have a go at writing some sentences that contain relative  clauses.

See if you can think of three:


1. Jane wanted to go to the seaside that was her holiday



2. Adam didn’t like the boy who played defense in his football



3. Tom had a dog which used to belong to his older sister.



Question 1: What is a relative clause?




(answer: A relative clause is a clause that adds extra information about the

noun in the main clause. It is identifiable easily because they start with relative

pronouns such as who, which and that.)

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