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Learner Guide

Compound Sentences

Learning Objective: To understand what a compound sentence is, to be

                                        able to recognise them and to distinguish them from

                                        simple sentences.



A compound sentence is a sentence made up of two or more simple sentences.

These two or more simple sentences are normally joined together by a

coordinator such as “and” “but” “or”. If a compound sentence is divided the

parts will each make sense as smaller sentences on their own.



The student found his online tutoring work hard but he knew his 3rd grade

online English tutor would help him.



This compound sentence can be broken down into two simple sentences “The

student found his online tutoring work hard.” and “He knew his online tutor

would help him.” with “but” as the coordinator joining them together. Importantly

both simple sentences make sense on their own.


General Formula

Compound sentence = simple sentence + and/but/or + simple


as many simple sentences as you like can be used


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