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Learner Guide

Sentence Types – Declarative


A writing tutor for 5th grader can explain the four four types of

sentence type or sentence function:





Each has a different function a and is recognizable in different ways.


Learning Objective: To understand what a declarative sentence is, to

                                        recognise them and to understand their function.



A declarative sentence is a sentence that states something, usually a

piece of information. They can be in the form of a simple, complex, 

compound or compound-complex sentence.



Adam is very good at playing guitar.



This sentence is a declarative because it states something. It states the fact

that Adam is good at playing guitar.


How to spot them

Declarative sentences are the basic sentence. They start with a capital

letter and end in a full stop. They can be any length though as long as they

are conveying information.


1. Simple declarative sentence

Lucy likes eating apples.


2. Compound declarative sentence

Adam likes playing football and watching basketball.


3. Complex declarative sentence

Joe wanted to go outside because it was snowing.


4. Compound-complex declarative sentence

Alice eats vegetables but she doesn’t like peas because they taste funny.

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