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Learner Guide


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Parts Of Sentence

Learning Objective: To understand the different types of words that make

                                        up a sentence and to be able to recognize them.


Sentence Parts 

There are five different types of sentence parts. These are the subject, the

object, the verb, the complement and the adverbial. Each part adds different

information to a sentence.



The subject: is the thing that is the focus of the sentence, what/who the

                          sentence is about.


The object: is the thing that the subject acts upon or interacts with.


The verb: is the action word that describes movement or state of being.


The complement: is a part that adds description to either the subject or

                                   the object.


The adverbial: is a part that also adds description and information.






The “online tutor” is the focus so it is the subject of the sentence, the “tutee” is

the thing the subject is acting on so it is the object. “Struggling” describes the

object so it is the complement, and “effectively” adds further information and

so is the adverbial.

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