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Learner Guide

Sentence Types – Exclamatory


There are four type of sentence type or sentence function

1. Declarative

2. Imperative

3. Interrogative

4. Exclamatory.

Each has a different function a and is recognizable in different ways.


Learning Objective: To understand what an exclamatory is, to recognize

                                        them and to understand their function.



An exclamatory is a sentence that expresses emotion.They are often short and




Look at that!



This sentence is an exclamatory because it conveys emotion, in this case the

emotion of wonder at what “that” is. Another example would be WOW! which

conveys the emotion of amazement.


How to spot them

Exclamatory are easy to spot, they always end in an exclamation point. They

can be any length though as long as they finish in an exclamation point and

convey an emotion. Normally the emotion is strong like: happiness, shock,

anger, surprise, excitement.


1. Happiness

Here is your present. I love it!

⇒ Here I love it! express happiness at receiving a gift.


2. Shock

A tree fell onto the greenhouse in the night and smashed it. Oh no it was brand


Here oh no it was brand new! express shock that their new

green house is damaged.


3. Anger

I ate all the sweets. That is very naughty, they were for Amy’s birthday!

⇒Here That is very naughty, they were for Amy’s birthday!

expresses anger at an action done by somebody else.


4. Surprise

Adam opened the box and a frog jumped out. Oh my goodness!

⇒Here Oh my goodness! expresses Adam’s surprise as a frog

jumps out at him.


5. Excitement

We have arrived at the theme park. Hooray, I want to go on all the rides!

⇒Here Hooray, I want to go on all the rides! expresses their

excitement at being at the theme park.
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