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Learner Guide

Sentence Types – Imperatives


There are four type of sentence type or sentence function.

1. Declarative

2. Imperative

3. Interrogative

4. Exclamatory

Each has a different function a and is recognizable in different ways.


Learning Objective: To understand what an imperative sentence is, to

                                        recognize them and to understand their function.



An imperative sentence is a sentence that conveys an order or command.

They can be in the form of a simple, complexcompound or

compound-complex sentence.




Sit down please.



This sentence is an imperative because it conveys a command. It is ordering

someone to sit down.


How to spot them

Imperative sentences are usually short sentences though they can be longer.

They start normally end in a full stop but sometimes end in exclamation

marks as well.



Look over there.

Mark your work.

Pass me those big books.



Imperative sentences are often used in non fiction texts such as cooking

recipes and other types of instructions to convey information clearly.
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