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Learner Guide

Sentence Types – Interrogatives


There are four type of sentence type or sentence function.

1. Declarative

2. Imperative

3. Interrogative

4. Exclamatory.

Each has a different function a and is recognizable in different ways.


Learning Objective: To understand what an interrogative sentence is, to

                                        recognize them and to understand their function.



An interrogative sentence is a sentence in the form of a question. They

normally require answers. There are four main types of interrogatives.

1. Yes/No answer

2. Alternative answer

3. Wh-starters

4. Tag questions.




What is the weather like today?



This sentence is an interrogative because it asks a question. Specifically it is

an example of a wh- starter interrogative. It is asking about what the weather

is and so requires an answer, e.g Today the weather is cold.


How to spot them

Interrogative sentences are a question sentence and they are easy to spot.

They start with a capital letter and end in a question mark. They can be any

length though as long as they are asking a question.

1. Yes/no answer interrogative

⇒ Is that a cat?


This question requires a yes or no answer. Either the object is a cat or it is



2. Alternative answer interrogative

Would you like tomato sauce on your chips or barbecue sauce?

⇒ This interrogative gives the person a choice of alternatives,

they can either have tomato or barbecue sauce on their chips.


3. Wh- starter interrogative

What is that in the sky?

⇒ Wh- starter questions often require longer answers with



4. Tag question interrogative

I like chocolate, do you?

⇒ Tag interrogatives are the little questions at the end of a

    statement, e.g do you?

⇒ Another example would be, I would like some toast, would you?


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