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Simple Sentences


Learning Objective: To understand and recognize what a simple sentence is. 



A sentence is a group of words that convey a message. Sentences are made

up of clauses. A clause is a group of words that convey one message. Simple

sentences are made up of one clause.



The 3rd grade English tutor helped the student.



The example has a capital letter at the beginning “The” and a full stop at the

end student.” that makes it a sentence.What makes it a simple sentence is

that it only conveys one message. In this case that a student is getting help

from an online tutor.


Activity 1

Can you think of any examples of simple sentences? Try and write five below:



(Examples: John picked up a ball. Adam likes to ride his bike.

The weather outside was horrible. The stairs are creaking.

Molly and Jessica are best friends. My online tuition is fun.)



Question 1: What is a simple sentence?


(a simple sentence is a sentence that has only one clause in it,

and so only conveys one piece of information.)



Activity 2

Identify the simple sentences from the table below with a tick – and the ones

that are not with a cross ✗.


Trees grow in forests outside.(√)The student enjoyed having online
Lucy likes bananas and she likes
(×)Birds fly high in the sky.(√)
Summer is Peter’s favourite season
because it is warm.
(×)When school was over, Laura went to
the park
Jack does his homework quietly.(√)The student sat quietly and listened to
the teacher.



Question 2: Why are the sentences you have crossed ✗ not examples

of simple sentences?


(These sentences have more than one clause and convey more

than one piece of information e.g “When school was over, Laura

went to the park”. “Laura went to the park” is a simple sentence

but “when school was over” is another clause and together it

means the sentence is no longer simple.)
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