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Calculus is indeed one of the most difficult subjects but at the same time it is one of the vital subjects for many courses like physics, engineering, etc. Many students find topics like derivatives, integration, and application of calculus quite challenging. At Improve Tuition, we have a team of online Calculus tutors who possess the expertise of presenting calculus easier and simpler to the students.

Whether you are struggling with your high school calculus or college level calculus, you don’t need to worry. Our tutors are experts in the subject. Our tutors are Ph.D. scholars, university students who are masters at least, so you can rely on their expertise on the subject to score better marks in your exams.

Our online tutoring sessions are strictly on one to one basis. So, you get the complete attention of your tutor, and you can use the time completely as you need. You can bring up any topic you want and discuss anything you feel like, get your answers evaluated, revise the old topics which are your weak point, prepare for your forthcoming exam or get help with your homework. 

Some of the topics you can get help with are:

More Guides
  • Limits

  • Continuity

  • Differentiation

  • Integration

  • Multiple Integration

  • Application of Calculus


At improving tuition our online tutors are available 24*7. So, you don’t need to worry.



My daughter had a 4 week intensive program which helped her prepare for the Grammar school entrance exam. She went to the exam with great confidence due to the Improve tuitions coaching and came out with flying colours.
As they taught and coached her on exam technique at a slightly higher level, she knew that she had passed before she left the exam room.
If you want to change your child’s destination then get them enrolled with Improve and see the development within a few weeks.

If you are struggling with time or can’t get access to a tutor at your preferred time.  We can help connect you to a tutor even if it be the dead of night or be it early morning.

Students who work with our tutors can feel the difference. They become confident on the topic, score better grades and get admissions to better universities. The achievement of our students makes us proud.

Improve Tuition makes it easy to get connected with expert tutors with a very simple process. You just need to fill a form and submit. We will connect you with a tutor instantly. The first session is FREE only, so you have no reason to delay or hesitate.

Improve Tuition offers lots of options to subscribe. You can pay for a single session or book multiple sessions; that is completely up to you.