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Geometry Homework Help For Students

  • Geometric formulas

  • Angles, complementary, supplementary angles

  • Triangles

  • Pythagorean theorem

  • Volume, Metric volume

  • Circles and their properties

  • Rectangles

  • Length, distance, coordinates, metric length

  • Proofs in Geometry

  • Bodies in space, right solid, cylinder, sphere

  • Parallelograms

  • Points, lines, angles, perimeter

  • Polygons

  • Area and Surface Area


How to learn geometry easily

  1. Use a transparent plastic protractor that allows you to see through it, therefore allowing you to extend your angles right through the scale of the protractor so making the reading angle measures much easier then.
  2. Use a clear plastic ruler with inches and centimeters. A clear plastic ruler, you can extend your lines, which makes getting their measures easier.
  3. Buy a compass for those curved lines.
  4. Get a good pencil to draw fine lines preferably with a .05 mm lead. An eraser is an important commodity, when you make mistakes.
  5. Buy a good scientific calculator with sin, cos, and tan keys, square root and squared keys are useful for trig etc.
  6. Apply geometry objects to the real world.For example, for circles, think of pizzas. For rectangles, think of a school hall (that’s if it’s a rectangle!). For spheres, think footballs. For pyramids, think of Egypt’s pyramids. For prisms, think of tents. And so on. In learning, linking the information helps speed up your understanding and improves your chances of keeping the info in your memory.


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